Compare your PDF & Word documents

See exactly and precisely what has changed from one version to another.

Compare online

Unlike the naked eye, DeltaDoc is tireless not to miss anything.
It compares automatically and without error!

You don't miss the slightest legally or technically relevant difference.

You can concentrate on the essentials: examining and evaluating your documents!

Reread your documents faster

DeltaDoc is the ideal solution for identifying and controlling changes in evolving documents.
Fast and accurate identification

All changes are automatically highlighted for quick identification. The two versions of the document are displayed side by side.

Synchronized scrolling of the two versions

Identify all changes made to the document at a glance and access them with a single click. Upgrade to the latest version very quickly.

Share the results with your team
Create a public link to share your comparison with the World for free. People can view your files directly without having to download them.

Nothing to install, compare now online

Compare PDF online

All features in one solution

All the tools you need in a single platform, accessible directly from your web browser.
Download the comparisons

View your comparisons offline by exporting them in PDF format. Share these offline comparisons with your colleagues.


Compare your documents, no matter what type of file you are working with. Compare PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel files directly with each other.

Chat room

Exchange in real time with your contacts directly in the documents. Several levels allow you to discuss privately with your collaborators.

Compare scanned documents

DeltaDoc integrates optical character recognition (OCR) to directly support scanned documents.
Compare your scanned documents with other file types: PDF, Word etc.

Synchronize version display

DeltaDoc automatically aligns the documents you compare to optimize your viewing experience. You can quickly find the correspondence of the text between the two versions.

OCR search engine 

Stop looking! Find all your documents via a keyword search. Find even your scanned documents via an integrated OCR.

Compare complex documents

Generally, users revert to manual proofreading because the differences display is incomprehensible for complicated documents. With DeltaDoc, you keep a simple and relevant reading of the comparisons.

Focus on the essentials

Configure your comparisons accurately to ignore unimportant changes (punctuation, capitalization, vocabulary) and quickly access the ones that matter.

Operational immediately

VerifContrat is a hosted SaaS solution.
No installation required and no maintenance costs. You access the tool directly in your browser.

What about the security of my data?

We are in compliance with the GSPD. Our servers are in France and ISO 27 001 certified.

Define precisely the access permissions to the documents, and follow the opening of the documents.

All your data and connections are fully encrypted with a military standard (AES 256).

All your contacts and collaborators have double authentication to access their documents.

Frequently Asked Questions